[2k3] Problem with "MP consumed weapons". Still attack on 0 mp!

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Hello. I have a question about an issue that I have been having with RPG Maker 2003's default battle system.

 I wanted to make a simple system for one character that uses revolvers. Her MP at any given level is SIX only, and all of her weapons will have "Attack Twice" and "MP Consumed = 1". The idea is, she'll be quite a hard hitter, but every 3 turns she'll have to use a "reload" skill which increases her MP back up to 6. Eventually I plan to have her learn better reload skills like a "reload + pistol whip" or some other things like that. Also, I want to have some special skills that use all 6 bullets at once, and some other interesting things like that. (Anyone ever seen "Grenadier"? That's where I got this idea.)

 Here's my problem. During testing so far, she is able to still attack with the pistol at 0 mp. Based on some tutorials that I have read, it should be the case that if I select "Fight" at 0 mp, she should attack unarmed, but this is not the case. If I can't get this to work, the whole system is pointless, so I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight to this. I thought this should be a pretty simple fix, but it is very difficult to put "RPG2003 MP consumed 0 mp can still attack" into a search engine and get any meaningful results.

Thank you in advance
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