Oculus VR - Virtual Reality Gaming Set

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Anyone interested in virtual reality gaming? :D


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It's a start, but not quite a Holodeck experience just yet. It just seems to be a much better head mounted display. It's not exactly new, and not really virtual reality. I wonder if the true level of VR will ever come about as something that an average consumer could have. The University I studied at has an Immersive Virtual Environment but the amount of tracking devices that the room and the person using it had to be fitted with was a bit much for a normal person (similar set up to what motion actors use).

On topic, I can see it being fun for some games, but not every type of game is going to work too well, and some are just going to get it tacked on as some additional feature to move the view camera sometimes. It will be interesting to see what innovative ways that developers (especially Indie developers who are more likely to take risks) will use it in, though.

I just hope that games made for it/with it in mind keep a sense of practicality about things. I can just see the kinds of issues that you could have.
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That's true, but overtime it will be improved upon, same for the games.
Just like you shouldn't buy a brand new console the same week it's released (due to little games selection), you shouldn't pick this up until it's been around for a little while.

I prefer the standard controller over all the sensor stuff, but something simple like sports would probably be more fun with the gadget.
We're (humans) not quite up to the point where motion sensoring and virtual realities can be completely available and engulf us, this is however a nice start and perhaps some years down the track when it's all improved on, we'll start seeing true virtual realities.

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Not since the 90's, no.


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It's not exactly true VR, but by the time we can create true VR, we wont need much more then a brain wired to the cloud. No clunky headsets.

In the meantime, this looks totally badass. I've been waiting for stereostopic goggles, for a long time. Playing halflife in vr would be insane.



What I'm really looking forward to is games you control via brainwaves. Adios Carpal Tunnel.



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What about programming via thought?
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I have been awaiting for the Oculus Rift. All I personally care about is head-tracking done right, that right there mixed with true depth is enough for it too feel close, and indeed is an immersive experience.

I don't want to wear some suit, I'd like to be able to play at home that wouldn't require a full room, suit, etc etc just to play.

So yes, I am interested in playing it once they have a consumer version. I do have a funny feeling that this will work with the Steam Box :)

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current VR technology is gimmicky bullshit