[2k3] Looking for people interested in helping with revamping crafting system

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So for those of you who've been keeping up with my game, or have played it themselves, they know that my crafting system is well...actually garbage. I'm in need of help with revamping this thing (which may result in cutting out a LOT of crafting items, redoing what enemies drop/steal/morph, what treasures give what, etc.), so there's going to be a LOT of coding on my end. I'm not exactly sure HOW I want to pull this off either...it's not like Final Fantasy IX's crafting system at all, and follows more of Genius of Sapphieros/Gensoumaroku's system (which is what I based it off of), though you can also say it somewhat follows Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates/Echoes of Time's crafting systems.

So yeah, if anyone is interested in helping on this, or has any ideas on how to fix this bad boy up so that things are USEFUL to craft (I HAVE the craftable items made already...just need to figure out how to MAKE them is the problem), do drop me a line. It'd require having to get the game, but ya wouldn't need the music at all, and would only require going to ???? on New Game to go to Debug Room for testing purposes. Hope some of ya'll out there are interested in helping!