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Spoiler for Cresent Blue:
Spoiler for Diamond Red:

Spoiler for:
  • In the introduction, the main character is said to be moving out of town to live on their own farm. Although the character lives alone, the neighboring city is full of life and is only a short walk away. There are also plenty of areas surrounding the farm to explore such as caves, the ocean, and mountians where you can find many exotic fish and pets. Equinox is a simulation game similar to Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.
  • You can chat with villagers and make friends (or enemies), exchange gifts, do favors, and throw parties.
  • There will also be a museum to hold art, fossils, fish, and misc. finds. 
  • There are several shops to buy and sell goods such as clothes, furniture, and farming merchandise.
  • There are events on every holiday, and even special holidays within the game.
  • The environment will change with the seasons, grass will fade, trees will change colors, snow will cover the ground, and rain will make puddles and wet the ground.
  • You can plant flowers and trees anywhere. (Well almost anywhere XD)
  • You live your own life.

-If you want to get married, you will have to put in the work or it will fall apart. You can decide to neglect the farm, but it will lower the rating of it, and if the rating drops too low, you will have to pay 100k Jules (money) to start your farm back up, and shops will not sell to you until you pay the money back.

Spoiler for:
  • Dynamic planting system

-Trees and bushes can only be planted in the forest, and take a few days to grow. Flowers can be planted anywhere and grown instantly, but require water daily. They will wilt after one day of not being watered, and will disappear on the second day of not being watered. Trees can be shaken to obtain fruit and other random items. A tree with an item will only have one item per day. Trees with items are random, eg. No specific tree will always give an item.
  • Farming system

-You can plant seeds to grow crops. They require daily maintenance for a set period of time depending on the crop. If not tended to, the crop will die and you will have to re-plant it. In addition to the crop patch, there are also several special patches for trees, herbs, and fruits.
  • Farm rating system

-You start off with a 25% rating on your farm. Each crop will add a certain amount of points to your farm's rating. Your rating will only decrease if nothing is planted on your farm at midnight. Every night that you do not have a crop planted will cost you 10% of your farm's rating. At 0% you will have to pay a fine for people to come and "fix" your farm.
  • Barn Animals

-You can keep certain animals in your barn as long as you care for them otherwise they will run away. Barn animals can be sold for large amounts of money, or kept as companions. (but not pets)
  • Pet System

-You can choose to have certain animals as pets including cats and dogs (of couse), but also chickens, mice, and exotic animals you might find in mountains or caves. Pets require attention, but are not very demanding. You can choose to leave them on the farm, or have them follow you.
  • Seasons

-Seasons will have an impact on the environment. Fall will have random debris storms that can cause damage to crops and can damage things around the farm. Winter will slowly transition from leaves and grass drying up, to being covered in snow, and lakes will freeze over. The snow will replenish water to some plants, but damage others. Spring will bring lots of rain which will be great for your farm (and for weeds). Summer can cause fires to start and damage young plants. Storms can cause power outages and villagers will change clothes depending on the weather.
  • Interactive environments

-You can use fires to roast marsh-mellows, roll snowballs into snowmen, swim (or fish) in rivers and lakes, or skate on frozen lakes. There are many things to do for any season.
  • Villager System

-Villagers will come and go as they please. You can have up to 8 of 40 villagers each with their own personality and style. You can build relationships and even choose to marry one at the annual "Moonfall Ball".
  • Events

-Celebrate Christmas with your villagers as you get together around the town tree or put together a spooky costume for Halloween and go trick-or-treating with your best friend. Whatever you do just make sure to get your festive item. (There are several different ones and you will receive a random gift upon talking to your best friend.)
  • Furniture System

-Furniture cannot be moved, but can be exchanged for the different types that you find. Furniture will automatically upgrade with your household.
  • Treasure

-Everyday you can dig to find random items including fossils and paintings.
  • Customizable Character

-Change your shirt and pants, or rock a cool hat and glasses. Everything you wear can be changed from head to toe. Hair and eyes can also be changed in the game at a certain salon/barber shop.

An early look at how seasons will change the environment.
Spoiler for:

Left: Winter pre-snow. Right: Winter after the first snowfall.

A small technical demo will be put together once sufficient progress has been made. The real game should be released by the end of May or beginning of June.

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This looks really interesting! I love Harvest Moon, so Im really looking forward to try this out  :)
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