Out of Ordinary Odysseys [VX]

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Out of Ordinary

A story of four friends who have strong desires that they wish could come true. A door that leads them to another realm. This door only appears to those who have the strongest of desires. A woman greets anyone and everyone with a proposal to grant they desires in exchange for their spirit. Even though they can leave anytime and still live their lives without visiting the realm ever again, the door will never leave them be. It calls out to them leading to the four friends forced to rid it from pressuring them into giving into their desires.

Here is some screen shots if you wish to see them.
Spoiler for:

Battle Screen Shots.
Spoiler for:

Meet the characters
Spoiler for:
Note that these are their default names. They can be changed at anytime.





These pics were drawn by a friend under the alias: Scarlet.


* The battle systems been tweaked to allow more focus on the user and target.      This doesn't effect game play however.
*Use UPG (up grade points) earned by defeating foes to learn new skills.
*Using the UGP, you can also gain passives to equip to your characters that learn it.
*You gain one VP (victory point after each battle), but even more after a boss battle!
*Change battle difficulty to earn more EXP and SL (Soul). SL is the money system in the game earned after battles.
*Over 100+ scripts used in the game.

Many scripts, graphics, and music/sounds were used in this production. There still is a lot to work to do. Hopefully all will be done by next year.

I want to give thanks to these people:
Spoiler for:

*Scarlet: She drew portraits for the characters. If you liked her work then check her out at http://scarletlae.deviantart.com/

*My friends who I based the characters on

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