Tales of the shattered crystal - new project help wanted :)

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Hello everyone,
i would like to present a project i have currently in development the project is called "Tales of the shattered crystal" (obviously  :P) I am currently in need of some help and by help i do mean i have no idea how to create my own tile sets and sprites. I currently need somebody to who can create tile sets and various artwork from scratch and collaborate ideas mind you i am artistic but not skilled in doing such things (yet) :(. So i am looking for anyone who can create tile sets and sprites from scratch.


Tales of the shattered crystal is about a world in conflict. A global war over the great crystal shards has caused
utter destruction and suffering throughout the land. The great crystal gives the owner unimaginable power
even a tiny shard gives the user the ability to use magic.(provided the user cant use magic already in which case the magic is amplified and also there are an uncountable amount of shards and they are common but mostly military use them as shards are illegal for anyone other than military or anyone without special permission due to misuse, the larger the crystal the greater the power)
But a shadowy cult from the great endrazel kingdom has plans of their own and attempts to seize control of the world by corrupting the great crystal shards one by one in the name of an unknown force.
As the great shards become corrupted one by one the world is threatened with utter destruction a group of young heroes must rise and stop the shadowy cult. However a greater power seems to be at work and the threat greater than anyone could have ever imagined.

ok so that is what i have so far  i will add more as i go :) now some of that may change over time as i am still stringing the story board together and creating characters and various concepts. So if anyone is interested in helping with the project let me know and be prepared to show my things you have created yourself :)

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Welcome to RMRK.
Spoiler for:
I'd like to help you a little bit around the forums. Take note that you've used your very first post to tell the community that:

A) You have a game "in development."
B) You need someone to work on a completely original tileset and original sprites for your game
C) You didn't take the time to go back over your post and check for simple things like grammar and punctuation.

Don't be surprised if people aren't jumping on board.

Take my suggestions, and they are only suggestions, and try the following:

  • Let us know which RPG Maker program you're using. It matters.
  • When it comes to the title of your game, I'd suggest taking a look at this link. You may find it helpful.
  • Post some screens shots of ANY work you have accomplished so far on your game as it may encourage some people to offer you help (I know you are looking for original artwork, but very few start with all out original stuff. So us what you've got!).
  • I understand that you may have given your game's plot a lot of thought. However, it sounds a lot like a lot of other games involving crystals, wars, cults and magic. Perhaps you should think of something to make your game unique?
  • Go to the Welcome forum and introduce yourself. Tell us who you are. You'd be surprised how that'll help.
Best of luck to you!
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