[XP] XRXS ATB Battle System - Overhauled by Heretic

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XRXS ATB Battle System - Overhaul by Heretic
Authors: Heretic, MakirouAru, fukuyama, TOMY
Version: 1.02
Type: RMXP ATB Battle System
Key Term: Custom Battle System


This is a complete overhaul of the lesser known XRXS ATB Battle System which has been completely translated to English, and modularized for easier modifications.

The XRXS ATB Battle System is a Front View Battle System, which means you don't need to create or find additional Graphics to use.  If you have RPG Maker XP, you have everything you need.  Heck, you might even be able to find some scripts that allow you to turn this into a Side View Battle System with Animated Battlers!  But as I mentioned, that does require more work by creating or finding Graphical Resources.

I've tried very hard to make this as easy for you to use as possible.  There are a few options that you can change, but there isn't anything that you are required to configure.  That makes it even easier for you to use!

The deceptive simplicity hides the complex and robust nature of this Battle System.  It was rebuilt to allow you to use the RMXP Editor to create Battle Events as simple or as complex as you want. 

The Demo contains a moderately complex Evented Battle, where an Imp will summon two additional Enemies.  The Summoned Enemies are quite resistant to Physical Attacks.  However, the easiest way to win the Battle is to take out the Imp that summoned the additional Enemies.


  • A Front View Battle System requires No Additional Graphics
  • There is very little to configure other than Battle Speed
  • Fully translated to English with detailed explanations of functionality
  • Cars go Vroom, Vroom!  (like you'll actually read this line anyway!  Ha!)


Spoiler for:

Since this is a Front View Battle System (by Default), you already have all the Graphics you need!


http://www.775.net/~heretic/downloads/rmxp/XRXS/index.php (dead)
http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,48400.0.html (Contained within the "Collection")


Script is available in Demo.

The script should be below Scene_Debug and above everything else (except an SDK)


There are a few options.  Look at each individual Script Page for those options.

The most notable option is Battle Speed.  You can change the Battle Speed in the script itself, or set it by calling $game_system.battle_speed = 1.3

Note:  The Battle Speed setting is quite sensitive.  I've found that a Battle Speed of 1.1 works well for Slow Battles and 1.5 works well for Fast Battles.  A Battle Speed of 1.3 seems to be about the middle of the road.


Not tested for compatability with the SDK.

I believe this Battle System will be compatible with many existing scripts in existence that enhance the functionality of the Battle System.  It was designed to be as close to Enterbrains Default System as I could get it, while still allowing for more complex enhancements to function.

Due to the nature of this script, it will probably need to be tested with numerous scripts.  Please post if you have any compatability issues.

Credits and Thanks

  • Original Authors to the best of my knowledge: MakirouAru, fukuyama, and TOMY
  • Additional Thanks go out to Blizzard for all of his hard work on Chaos-Project.com, and KK20 for helping to come up with a solution to a bug in the script.

Author's Notes

The original script was not in English, which made it difficult to use and fix bugs.  The complete overhaul has fixed all of the bugs that I could find.  I've also split the script into different sections to allow for additional scripts to be written that enhance or change the functionality however you see fit.

Graphical Add Ons have also been completely separated which will allow scripters to build their own Battle Interface.  The Battle System itself does not need any of the Graphical Add Ons that are included.

I believe that scripters should be able to make modifications that allow it to have more than the default 4 Actors in a Party.  The idea of more than 4 Actors in a Party has not been tested with this Battle System as it would require a new Graphics Interface.  But, if you feel up to the task of writing something that can turn this Battle System into a Five Man Party Battle System, by all means do so!


This script is not my property, and I make no claims that I am the copyright owner or original author of this script.  I have tried to contact the original author, but have not received any response in my request for permission to use the script.  I was also unable to find any restrictions in the usage of this script, and am hereby assuming implied permission in its usage and public sharing.  If you are the original author of this script and have any issues with the public sharing of this script, please let me know and I will remove public access to this script immediately, until we can agree on a solution.

Dotted lines go here.

I thought I should share this on RMRK.net as well.


Note:  Script has been heavily updated and enhanced.  The download link on this page is broken, however, that demo is for an old version of the script.  The new version is included in my "Collection" package.
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