Lunatera: Lies of the Moon [VXA]

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This game will first be released in Polish. English releases will be delayed due to translation, the game consists of 13 chapters, with no demos in option.

Yomah, Ikarus, Denrah, Toravie, Avarel are the five continents of the world Ayus,
a world filled with the mystical energy, whom noone know how began called Suna.
This mystical force allow the people of Ayus to use the eight elemets:
Fire, the destroyer of life;
Water, the giver of life;
Thunder, the power of life;
Ice, the preserver of life;
Earth, the feeder of life;
Wind, the spreader of life;
Light, the guide of Life
and Shadow, the gloom of life.
Avarel, ruined by The Cataclysm, is the home for a few, whom created unions on once magnificent lands, now, wastelands.
In the meanwhile as the citizents of Yomah and Ikarus upholded neutrality, Denrah and Toravie wagered war, the people of Denrah as the only ones with faith in Luna.
In the Legends one can find traces of a sixth and seventh continent Vanhastro, The land of Sinners, and Sarvia, The sanctuary in which rests Luna, the caretaker of the souls of fallen warriors.
Denrah, filled with prophets, more or less false, whom preach the word of Luna. One of such prophecies speaks: "Thy World shalt end, on the threefold 9th year, of the 9th month of the 9th day".

Year 998, Month 4, Day 6.
Shin and Airi are working for Miroku, their duty is to patrol the surrounding area of Savion, since the monsters appeared, the forset which was onece peaceful, now is littered with all sorts of monstrosities. As they came to the village late at night they where attacked by monsters. Noone saw them coming this close.
Miroku has his suspicions to this, and he decided to gather information and give them to Shin and Airi the next day.

- Tales of Graces
- Tales of Vesperia

Spoiler for:
Shin's House

Aerion at night

Savion Forest

Ruins - Sanctuary

Spoiler for:
- Victor Sant
- Yanfly
- Yami
- Moghunter
- Mr. Bubble
- Kread-EX
- Modern Algebra
- Khas Arcthunder
- Syvkal
- Ayene
- Melosx
- Helladen

- Kaduki
- Ying
- Soruve
- Celianna
- Wild Arms
- Zanyzora
- Hanzo Kimura
- Enterbrain
- Mack
- Davias
- Smithygcn
- Inquisitor
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I like this allready :) When will it be available? Will you please show a preview or youtube sneak-peak if there are no demo's made???????

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Polish version will probably be released at the beginning of January, so the English translation shouldn't take longer than two weeks. About the video, we thought about making a battle skills preview.