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December rolls around again, so once again it's time to think back about the past year (or longer) about awarding various members or groups the recognition they deserve. 2012 marks the 7th RMRK Awards!

If you are already familiar with how the RMRK Awards work, you can jump right into the Nonimating forum and start nominating. Otherwise, read on :)

The RMRK Awards began in 2006 as an annual event where everybody can nominate and then vote for other members in a set of predefined areas. Ranging from who is best at creating maps in RPG Maker, to who is the most handsome male member.

There are a few guidelines you're encouraged to follow to make this easier for everyone involved:

1. Try and keep the spam to a minimum in the nomination threads.

2. You are generally allowed three nominations per award. These nominations can be individuals or groups as applicable. Use your common sense.

3. When writing nominations, try not to just give a name. Include reasons why you're nominating them.

4. When nominating someone, their full present board name should be included. A link to their profile is helpful, so other viewers can easily follow it and check that person out. The Member list now has searching functions, so this is pretty easy!

Start nominating now!

Browse the threads in the for the Awards that have been chosen, and post your nominations (as per the rules above). Nominations start from today (December 1st), until Friday, December 14th. Following which is the voting.

For any discussion about the awards themselves, just reply here  :gracie:
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Damn has it already been a year since the last ones? Time flies :3

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Bring back the best IRC quote category. :police:

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Bring back the best IRC quote category. :police:

Also if you leave this page open long enough I drown in a blizzard of snow.

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