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Inspired by this thread, I thought I'd try and create a more comprehensive list of free music sources for games.
Especially since the VXA music is so awful, I think we need more of this stuff than we have on here. If you have any more, post and I'll add to the list.

So obviously use RMRK users' stuff if you can (and credit them as much as possible):
  • Firstly check out Aaron Krogh's thread here. Grungy electric guitars and distorted drums, all high quality, and free to use commercially.
  • For MP3 alternatives to RTP MIDIs and popular game music, try Kyogia's MIDI -> MP3 Remixes
  • Also Priya's thread for a few packs of BGM, ambient tracks and SE.
Once you've looked at those, try some of these:
  • freeplaymusic - some pretty 'epic' feeling orchestal compositions
  • Incompetech for Kevin McLeod's stuff. Used all over Youtube; not great for games but some really good stuff there
  • Presence of Music, my personal favourite. Beautifully made music, and I've heard some custom compositions by them in some games
  • PacDV - again not great for games, but give them a try. Not as high quality as the rest.
Admittedly there aren't many places to get good free music, but hopefully this helped a little?
I'll also mention these FF rips as they sound pretty fantastic but obviously they're not free to use.
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