[XP] Timed User Input, Scripts, and Windows - Full Version

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Timed User Input, Scripts, and Windows - Full Version
Authors: Diagostimo, Heretic
Version: 1.0
Type: Simulated User Input


This is the Full Version of the Timed User Input Script.

This Script will to allow you to Simulate User Input in ANY Scene at ANY time by entering a series of simple script commands.  It also allows you to run Scripts in ANY Scene, even Multi Line Scripts, as well as display Message Windows without ANY modifications to the Scene itself!  The expanded functionality also allows you to wait for specific commands from the Player, and wait for any other specific conditions.

This script is intended to allow you to do both Tutorials and Demos with ease in your game!


  • Simulate User Input at specific times
  • Display Timed Messages in ANY Scene
  • Timed Message Windows can use either a Specific Windowskin, or your current Game Windowskin
  • Timed Message Windows can also be "Permanent" and do not close across changes in Scenes
  • Run Timed Scripts, even Multi Line Scripts
  • I still like shiny things
  • Wait for Specific Commands from a Player
  • Wait for ANY other Specific Conditions that you can dream up!
  • Should be compatible with very complex Message, Menu, and Battle Systems


The Default Menu System showing a Timed Message Window with a different Windowskin.


This Demo contains the FULL VERSION of the script with expandad functionality.



Script available in Demo in Two Parts

Timed User Input 1 - Core code, required
Timed User Input 2 - Timed Message Windows - Optional

Place above Main.
Timed User Input 1 goes ABOVE Timed User Input 2


See Script and Demo for examples.


This version may be slightly less compatible with other Scripts, but offers expanded functionality.  It should still be highly compatible, even with the most complex scripts available.  If there are any compatability issues, please let me know and I'll do my best to correct them.

Credits and Thanks

  • Diagostimo for providing the original code that was expanded on.
  • I'd like to thank the Academy...

Author's Notes

My goal with this script is to reach as close to a 100% compatability rating as I can get.

NOTE:  There are TWO VERSIONS of this Script.  This is the FULL VERSION.  Both versions are very similar, but for sake of compatability, a LITE VERSION was born.  Some of the features in the Full Version may not be needed at all, but they may also lower the compatability.

The Full Version will NOT be compatible with anything other than RMXP.
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