[XP] AMC's The Waking Dead (RPG Fan Game)

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AMC's The Waking Dead (RPG Fan Game)
The project which is so very important for me!

Game is based on the TV series "The Walking Dead" from AMC, which is based on the same named comic book by Robert Kirkman. It's probably my best idea and my greatest project. The game will include a lot of playable characters for which the player can play depending on what part of the story plays.

The story is the same as in the TV series. The player begins in the hospital, in which Rick Grimes awoke from a coma. Furthermore walk through Atlanta, where you will be saved from Walkers (zombies) by Glenn, get into the CDC, the Hershel Greene's farm and far away.
In demo the story will end there, where the first episode of season 3 ends.
In Free mode you can choose a policeman, soldier or civilian and experience your own story in the world of Walking Dead. In Free mode, you get to places known so far only from comics (Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hiltop Colony).

Game Modes:
Story Mode - Original story as it was in the TV series.
Free Mode - Free game... Choose an ordinary character, give it the name and play the game on your own.
Survival Mode - You must survive attacks of Walkers on different maps. You can choose from four playable main characters from the series (Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne).


Free mode:

Survival mode:

Hospital Map (First Version):

Rick Grimes's Town (First Version):

The first maps... unfinished, imperfect, with imperfect characters (but probably I can't do better).

maps: 5%
graphics: 5%
sounds: 0%
Music: 10%

I need help:
I need necessarily help with these things ...
More details later!
Spoiler for:
1. I need some very easy Battle System. Something like: press for example C or X to attack.
2. Some script that will cause the Walkers (Zombies) will notice you on a certain distance.
Spoiler for:
I need a tileset of Atlanta and CDC from The Walking dead TV series!
Spoiler for:
I'm not good at creating characters. I really need characters from Walking Dead! For now: Rick Grimes (several versions), Morgan Jones, Duane Jones and several Walkers (zombies)!
Pictures of them can be found here: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_Wiki

For now, everything is made by me... except tilesets that are found for example via Google and combined as I need. Creators of that tilesets found on Google are unknown to me... for now. I will search them later!

Demo or full version of the game:
"There will not be for a long time ..."