[XP] Heretic's Animated Title Scene with Events

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Heretic's Animated Title Scenes with Events
Authors: Heretic
Version: 1.01
Type: Customized Title Screen


This script will allow you to fully animate your Title Screens using just Events!  By using Events, you can also set up a Prologue for your Story, or show off certain elements of your game.  Eventing a Demo for the style of gameplay can be very useful if you Custom Battle System that you want to show off, or some other elements that you feel should be Demonstrated. 

The only limits are your imagination, and, how much caffeine you have in your blood stream!


  • Minimal Scripting Required
  • Simplifies Customizations to the Title Screen
  • Allows Custom Pre Load Screen Logos via Events - Crapcom - See Demo
  • Fullscreen on Load (optional) - Its like 4 lines of code to do that...
  • Sometimes, I dream about cheese, and wonder if people read the features
  • Title Menu will fade out if Inactive (Customize the Time)
  • Events allow Title Animations to be Skipped



(Dont start a New Game immediately to allow it to go into "Demo Mode".)


Script available in Demo.  Due to some required eventing (see the big red letters above), Events should be considered as part of the script.  Thus, both the Script and Events are necessary.

Put just above Main.


You'll need to configure the Script a bit.

When you start up your game, you'll jump straight into a Map instead of the Default Static Title Screen.  The Map ID, X and Y coordinates will need to be set up for your game.  The Map you land on is where you will use Events to set up your Title Screen.  Use Autorun and Parallel Events.

Next, you need to be able to bring up the Title Menu.  That is the New Game / Continue / Shutdown Menu.  Do this from one of your Autorun or Parallel Events by running "display_title_menu" in a Script.

Important:  The Menu will NOT be displayed unless you call display_title_menu in a Script!

Only certain Maps are allowed to have the Title Menu be displayed.  If you are not on one of those allowed Map ID's, then you will start the entire scene over.  This allows the Player to press a key and exit the Demo of your game so they can actually start playing.

You'll need to put the allowed Map ID's to match however you have your game set up.  I made it an Array so you can have several different Title Screens if you want.

The default setup is to change the Player's Graphic to None, but they can still move around.  To stop the Player from moving around, set a Move Route for the Player to Wait X Frames, and enable Repeat.  Checking Repeat should exclude the Player from interfering with Wait for Move's Completion.  Alternatively, you can set the X, Y coordinates to a place the Player wont be able to move.  If you dont want to use Tile Graphics, you can use Events and set the Opacity of whatever Non Passable Graphic to 0. 

Everything else is up to you to make happen with Events!


Probably not compatible with scripts that modify Scene_Title.  Some changes were made to Scene_Load, Scene_Map, and Scene_Battle via aliases, but should be highly compatible if placed above Main.

Order will be important.  Any other Scripts that fully rewrite anything in Scene_Title, Scene_Map, or Scene_Battle need to be ABOVE this script.  Any scripts that Alias any of those scenes should be able to go below safely.

Credits and Thanks

  • Thanks to Blizzard just for being Blizzard!

Author's Notes

The Demo is cheesy.  It is supposed to be.

---  Style  ---

Style Choice is completely up to you.

What this Script does is to make Easy Animation Tools available to you.  You can use Fullscreen Images, then have your Game Title come flying in by using Events to move multiple Pictures around, if you want. You can use a Static Image.  You can resize your Logo.  You can do it how ever you want.  There is no need for the Player to ever see an In Game Map as your Title Screen, as that is a Style Choice.  The Map just makes Eventing available, but Players dont have to see that it is a Map.

The Demo was required because some of the Eventing can be relatively difficult to pull off.  It tries to provide examples of how to allow the Player to skip any Animations and bring up the Title Menu (New Game etc.) quickly.  The aim of the Demo was to provide functionality through the Events to help you achieve skippable Title Animation Sequences.  The only limitations you will have are what you can do with Eventing in RMXP. 

---  Simulating Input  ---

Diagostimo has given me permission to include an early version of a script for Simulating User Input, which is very useful for doing Demo's of scenes that are otherwise very difficult to get to work in Demo Mode, primarily, Battle Systems.

Edit:  The Demo was updated to include a far more robust version of Simulating User Input, which qualifies as its own script.  Both scripts are available, but you can just grab the ones you want out of the package.
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This looks pretty neat!