The Portal - Chapter #1 - The Winery

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Hello everyone,
For the past couple of months, I've been in the development process of creating a new Point-and-Click Adventure game series. There will be 25 chapters in this series. The first chapter, I've released is the called: "The Winery".

The Story
Spoiler for:
I could say you wake up one morning after a long night of drinking and you find yourself in a winery. I could say you wake up one morning after having a major concussion and find yourself in a winery. I could also say you are in a dream and you're in a winery. Are any of these statements true? Possibly, but the only way you're ever going to find any answers is if you continue to play through the game series. (Or just wait until they're all released and read the story online. - But where's the fun in that?)

The Characters
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An unknown individual you are using to play through this game with.

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Instructions Screen

Actual Gameplay

I have added the download link here for all of you to play it. Please tell me your thoughts as I hope to continue this great series of games. Enjoy!

If anyone gets stuck, I will be more than happy to post the walkthrough.
Thanks, Wolfraver
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