Play BGM on Load Menu

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Play BGM on Loading Menu
Version: 1.0
Author: DiamondandPlatinum3
Date: August 13, 2012

Planned Future Versions

  • None

This script allows you to play BGM on the Loading menu. When you select 'Continue' from the title screen and are taken to the file selection screen, new BGM will play instead of the same title screen music.
Similar to Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal.


  • Plays an alternative BGM on Load menu.

Cannot Screenshot Audio, I'm afraid :o


  • Paste the script under your materials section in your script editor but above main.
  • Just take a look at the editable region and modify things appropriately.

Code: [Select]
# Play BGM on loading menu
# Code snippet by DiamondandPlatinum3

class Scene_Load < Scene_File
  #       Editable Region
  BGM_VOLUME                 = 100
  BGM_PITCH                  = 100
  alias play_music_onloadscreen first_savefile_index
  def first_savefile_index, BGM_VOLUME, BGM_PITCH).play


  • DP3 / DiamondandPlatinum3


  • Pacman ~ No special reason, just wanted to put him on the thanks list.


Post in this thread or PM me.

Known Compatibility Issues
I am unaware of any scripts it doesn't work with; if you find any, post in this thread.


A demo is unnecessary for a script such as this.

Author's Notes

This weeks scripting has been brought to you by the letter C, as in
'Chocolate milk is delicious'.

Terms of Use

If you can find a use for it, this script is free to use in non-commercial games. If you want to use this script in a commercial game, please understand that I expect a free copy (that's means you PM me and let me know that you plan on using it for a commercial game).
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