[Rm2k3 - action-adv] Lloyd Herim: Episode I (try the demo!)

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Episode I will be released August/September 2012! In the meantime, check out the demo.

MORE SCREENSHOTS: http://uirpg.com/games.php?act=view&sub=screenshots&id=557


    The demo should take 15-45 minutes. The actual game will be 1hr-1:30hr.

    I would recommend playing this in "Test Play".
    - The CMS may make two "canceling sounds" in a row while you are
    in the "supplies" menu. That is OK.
    - if you save your game and come back, you may have to wander
    around and start the event again.
    - Battles may be too difficult. I tried to sparkle around a lot of

    If you play through this demo, please leave a grammer
    correction/comment/review/suggestion/anything. I'll read
    everything and try to improve!

    CBS and CMS. This game is EXTREMELY linear. There aren't any field
    controls. You can heal Lloyd through the menu. You can find fish/penguins to eat. You automatically gain meat from killing

    "Lloyd Herim" takes place in a world with 1865/U.S. Civil War-era  technology.

    "Episode I" takes place after a failed mission by Squad 8, the secret operatives group of Agon, the world's dominant super-power. They were sent to the northern, mountainous country known as Nielheim, to eliminate a threat to Agon: the rogue scientist,

    McCarthy, who has managed genetically mixed human and wild beast together. Long ago, the world emerged from a devastating global war only by
    banning gunpowder. McCarthy's experiments would provide an edge to
    any country looking to assert itself on the world stage.

    Squad 8 was attacked and wiped out during their attempt on
    McCarthy's base in the snow.

    Lloyd Herim was the only survivor.

    This is his story.

    "Lloyd Herim" is a series of action-adventure games me and my co-creator "SuperCoolMale" (I'm the coder, he does the sprites. We both share story duties.) am currently developing.
    What may make this game unique is the fact that I tried to make it RTP as possible.

    I wanted to sorely focus on game-play, not graphics. So I had to be more creative with pictures. Also, I wanted people to see the true power of RTP. I'd estimate the game is 85%-90% of RTP.
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