Shin Megami Tensei: Puella Magi

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This is a Madoka and Shin Megami Tensei fangame i'm been working on for a while, since this is the first time i'm ever made a rpg game, please give me feedback so i can improve my game!

Genre: Magical Girl, Dungeon Crawler
Engine: Game Maker 8

there are no story in the demo yet, but it gonna be alternative events of the anime:
In this world, there exist strange creatures who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen girl. However, in exchange, that girl must then become a Puella Magi (magical girl) and use her powers to fight against witches, evil creatures born from darkness that are responsible for murders and suicides.



Kyubey is a genderless extra terrestrial being posing as a familiar who can grant any wish to a certain girl, on the condition that she become a magical girl and fight against witches.

Magical Girl

Spoiler for Magical Girl:
Madoka's younger sister, Silent Protagonist like other Shin Megami Tensei Protagonist

Kaname Madoka

Madoka is a 14-year-old girl who comes from a loving family. Her life changes when she encounters  the familiar Kyubey, who offers to transform her into a magical girl. She sees herself as a person without special qualities or talents. She is a kind and gentle person that is averse to fighting. She hopes that the magical girls will support each other, sometimes even putting her own life at risk to help them.

Akemi Homura

Homura is a magical girl who first appears in an apocalyptic nightmare of Madoka's. She transfers into her school the day after the dream. She is a beautiful, mysterious individual that performs exceptionally well in academics and athletics. This makes her instantly popular even though she is cold to others.

Miki Sayaka

Sayaka is Madoka's classmate and best friend. She is a lively tomboy with strong ideals of love and lawfulness. after helping Madoka rescue Kyubey, ends up getting an offer to become a Puella Magi herself. Sayaka hates people who think only of themselves whilst hurting others and is easily provoked into a fight.

Tomoe Mami

Mami is a veteran magical girl and a third-year student at Madoka's school. Her magical abilities include being able to produce nearly infinite amounts of Tanegashima-like flintlock rifles, yellow ribbons to suspend her enemies, and healing magic. Mami is particularly focused on saving those around her, with a traditionally selfless perspective on the role of magical girl, and has a habit of giving names to her finishing attacks.

Sakura Kyoko

Kyouko is a veteran magical girl who comes to the city later in the story. A girl with red-colored long hair and an equally fiery personality to match. Amusingly, she is always seen eating something, even while she is battling. Having grown up in a poor family, she often has to steal food and hates people who waste it.  Kyouko has been a Puella Magi much longer than the others, and thus is more skillful; she wields a spear which can extend itself, split into multiple sections, and produce a ball at the end of a chain, which can constrict and hit others at the same time. She also has the ability to put up barriers to protect others or keep them from interfering.

(Only 1 witch is in this demo, and some witch listed here might not appear in the game)

Spoiler for Witches:

The rose garden witch with a distrustful nature. She holds roses dearer than anything else. She expends all of her power for the sake of beautiful roses. Despite stealing the life-force of humans who wander into her barrier to give to her roses, she loathes the thought of them trampling the inside of her barrier.


The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up. Though she is capable of creating infinite amounts of any dessert she desires, she is unable to make the cheese that she loves most. One could easily catch her off-guard with a piece of cheese.

H.N. Elly (Kirsten)

The box witch with a covetous nature. She is a staunchly reclusive witch. Anything she covets she locks away within glass. The thoughts of her prisoners are laid bare, but one can strike her without thought without problems.


The scribbling witch, with an ignorant nature. She loves Hide and Seek. However, because none of her minions are very intelligent, none of them seek her out.


The silver witch, with a liberal nature. She dwells in a barrier where everything moves at high speed, but the witch herself is dull. She unfortunately can not use any sort of scientific power. Her body was once dazzling with silver, but she has tarnished gazing upon the coastal sunset.

Elsa Maria

The witch of shadow with a self-righteous nature. She continually prays for all of creation and drags all life equally into her shadow without breaking her posture. One hoping to defeat her must know the blackest anguish.

Oktavia von Seckendorff

The mermaid witch; it is in her nature to fall in love. Looking for the feeling that moved her so long ago, she moves with the entire concert hall. Her fortune only turns under the weight of memories and no longer moves toward the future. Nothing will reach her any longer. She will come to know nothing more. She simply allows no one to disturb her minions' playing.


The artist witch. Her nature is vanity. Without a slightest doubt, she believe her existence is blessed. Wanting someone to see her work, she often interfere with human world. However within her barrier only exist works that you have probably seen somewhere before. To defeat this witch, just bring a well-known critic with you.


The class representative witch. Her nature is to remain an onlooker. Using the spiderlike threads which she vomits forth, she created a school for herself alone within the sky of her barrier and endlessly acts out an ordinary daily student life there. If you ring the going-home bell, this witch will likely return to her house somewhere.


The stage-constructing witch (alias: Walpurgis Night / real name: unknown); her nature is helplessness. She symbolizes the fool who continuously spins in circles. The witch's mysteries have been handed down through the course of history; her appellation is "Walpurgis Night." She will continue to rotate aimlessly throughout the world until she completely changes the whole of this age into a drama. When the doll's usual upside-down position reaches the top part of the witch, she completely roils the civilization on the ground in a flash through her gale-like flight.

Kriemhild Gretchen

Witch of salvation. Her nature is mercy. She absorbs any life on the planet into her newly created heaven--her barrier. The only way to defeat this witch is to make the world free of misfortune. If there's no grief in this world, she will believe this world is already a heaven.

- Press Turn System from Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga
- Mantra System from Digital Devil Saga
- Over 100 skills from Shin Megami Tensei games
- Enemy is visible on the map, if you hit them first, you get to turn first, but if you let them hit you first, they get to turn first
- Visual Novel story-telling style (coming soon)

Screen Shots

Spoiler for Interface:

Dungeon and Battle
Spoiler for Dungeon and Battle:

Code: [Select]
please report any bug if you found one

Spoiler for credit:
The game was programmed entirely by myself

- Twilight Frontier
- Gekidan Inu Curry

- Madoka Magica OST
- Devil Survivor OST
- Grief Syndrome OST

Control and how to play, MUST READ!!!

Spoiler for Control and how to play:
Left Mouse: Shoot enemies to gain turn first (while in the barrier)
K: Select/Equip skill(while in Status Menu)/open treasure chest
L: Cancel/Back/Remove a character from party(while in Party Menu)
Escape: Back to Previous Menu/Pause/Quit Game

the money currency used in this game called "Grief"

- Increases damage dealt by physical attacks
- Decreases damage taken by physical attacks
- Increases damage dealt my magical attacks
- Decreases damage taken by magical attacks

- Increases maximum HP

- Increases your chance to dodge enemy's attacks
- Decreases enemy's chance to dodge your attacks

Main Menu

Patry: Select your Party member

Status:View your character status and equip skill

Mantra: Buy mantra to learn new skill

Shop: Buy Items

Pause Menu

Skills: Use healing skill

Items: Use Items

Press Turn System:
Press Turn Icons appear in the upper right in either grief seed(corresponding to your enemies) or soul gem (corresponding to you and your allies). For the most part, there will be the same amount of Turn Press Icons as there are units on each side, the exceptions being during boss battles.

Upon a pass turn or critical/weakness hit, a unit expends half of a Turn Press Icon, causing it to flash. This grants another action for the units allies that phase. If another critical/weakness is hit, half the next Press Turn icon is spent, until the end of the line of Press Icons, after which no matter whether weaknesses or Criticals are hit, the half-icons will be spent in succession no matter what. If a turn is passed while a Press Icon is flashing, the half icon will be spent automatically, instead of spending half of next Press Icon.

Upon a dodged/void hit, two Turn Press Icons are spent while upon an absorbed/repelled hit all Turn Press Icons are spent.

[color="Red"]if this a bit confusing to you, you can watch the video of SMT: Digital Devil Saga show how to use press turn here

Mantra System: a Mantra is a package of skills that is purchased in the Mantra Menu

Once purchased, a new Mantra is automatically set as the character's "Active Mantra" and will gain progress from battles. after the Progress bar of that mantra is full, that Mantra is mastered: the character learns its skills and can equip them to her skill slots.

Save point: the save point appear as a soul gem in the barrier, press "K" to save your progress