[RMVX ACE] Assistance towards setting up PRABS 2.0

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So yesterday I recently downloaded [PRABS 2.0]
Inside the folder resides the following
Audio (Folder)
Data (Folder)
Graphics (Folder)
Folders.dll (DLL Extension)
Game (Unicorn Icon // Application)
Game (Configuration Settings)
Game.rvproj (Application Extension)
PRABS.dll (DLL Extension)
README document (For setting up monsters in the map editor) <-- Still rough on this, and hopefully someone could help me, sense i'm still very, very new at this).
RGSS200E.dll (DLL Extension)

What am I looking to get out of creating this thread?
Support, of course but mainly direct support on what I need to do, wither it be moving files, to where so I don't mess up anything that i'm not suppose to, Adding particular scripts wither is be long coded or short, I would appreciate it if you could also post the codes in your post, or a brief instruction format on how this should be done.

Many thanks :), just joined the forum today, and looking for some immediate assistance, but if so i'll be patient and wait for a helpful response.
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Solved, please close.