[HELP]Baic RMVXA/RMVX boss help

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Level 86
    For as long as I have been building games now I have never tried to make a special boss or anything interesting in a boss battle at all and so I decided it's time I do after all bosses get boring if their just strong and thats it, but I found out idk how lol so I am wondering, how can I set up a boss to where
    • It can shift it's weaknesses maybe like the boss in final fantasy X where it was an amoeba typw thing that would change its ability to water  or fire and you would constantly have to change your strategy because it's weaknesses change as well
    • make a boss that has grunts that protect it and you can't attack the boss until they are defeated
    • A boss that can shape shift into other creatures
    • A boss that has lackies that can nullify parties abilities and such
    • And finally a boss that can summon new monster to the battle field
    I appreciate any help you guys can offer, im looking for help to set up all these different bosses for my game I'm currently using RMVXA Thank you for your time