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Save / Load Option on Main Menu
Version: 1.0
Authors: DiamondandPlatinum3, HungrySnake
Date: July 9, 2012

Planned Future Versions

  • None

This script will allow you to both save and load in-game. No longer will you have to return to the title screen to load up another save file.


  • Can save or load in-game.


  • You need go into your database and change the vocab for save to something like "Save/Load".
  • Paste this script BELOW any other script which modifies the save system (ie. Neo Save System or anything else)
  • The script will give a command prompt when the save/load option on the menu is selected.

Get it from Pastebin


  • DP3 / DiamondandPlatinum3
  • HungrySnake


Post in this thread or PM me.

Known Compatibility Issues
I am unaware of any scripts it doesn't work with; if you find any, post in this thread.


A demo is unnecessary for a script such as this.

Author's Notes

I'm wasn't very happy with the scripting done on my part, so I thank HungrySnake for making it look much better and giving it better compatibility.

Terms of Use

If you can find a use for it, this script is free to use in non-commercial games only. Anyone who wishes to use the script in a commercial game must ask HungrySnake for permission to do so.
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Nice stuff D&P3!