[2K3] Weapon Bless Issue

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Ok, so I'm back and this is a completely weird thing. So, here's what's happening:

Character A (whom shall be Reimu in this case) can only equip one weapon (I'll use the Gohei as the example here).
Character B (whom shall be Youmu in this case) can dual-wield swords (I'll use Masamune and Tsukiyomi as the example here)
Character C (whom shall be Patchouli in this case) has the Weapon Bless skills.

So, this is what I noticed earlier during a stream of mine while showcasing battle animations. I cast Mystic on Reimu and ran from the fight, everything was ok (elemental blessed weapon is removed entirely and Reimu gets her weapon back that she's supposed to have). However, I noticed an odd quirk when I had Patchouli use the same spell on Youmu. After running from the fight, I checked the equipment menu, and not only did I notice that I had both a Mystic Masamune AND a Mystic Tsukiyomi (both of which should have been removed entirely, it even shows in the coding that they're supposed to be removed), but I somehow ended up having 2 Masamunes equipped (the Tsukiyomi was sitting in the inventory safe and sound...). So yeah, it seems that for some reason, when using the Weapon Bless skills on dual-wielders, the elemental weapons don't go away after battles and you end up with a random duplicate of one of their weapons (once I had 2 Masamunes, and then another time I had 2 Tsukiyomis...).

Any idea as to why that's happening and if there's a way to fix it? Or am I going to have to do the above to make it work perfectly without any issues? :S

EDIT - If I have to, I can make a video to show what the devil is the problem if that'll help with showing anything? As well as posting the code or something when I post the video?