RMXP Item quest

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]Hallo guys
i well start making tutorials so here my first one!
On how to make rmxp item quest

First start by creating an event for the quest saying what she want from you to do
then show choices yes or no

if yes the let here say something and control self switch A
if no then say anything

now to database go to items and change max
create the item she wants you to bring make sure to put occasion to never

Now make the item event put the graphic to anything you want
And put the trigger to action button
then insert you got (item name) and then set change items +1 to the quest item
control self switch A on
in the second page no graphic and nothing exapt the switch is self switch A

Now for the conditional branch if letter in inventory
Text like:Yay. thank you so much
Then the rewerds just any rewerds i set it for 200 gold
and contrl self switch A on
text like:Where is the letter?

And in the last page put text to thank you or that you done her quest
and test it out!
If you have any tutorial you want me to do it write on the comments
i'll be making more soon

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Not bad Not bad  :D

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I'll make more soon
sorry for the big pictures
if you have any rquest on a tutorial tell me