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Battle Debug
Version: 1.0
Author: Pacman
Date: 21st of April, 2012

Version History

  • <Version 1.0> YYYY.MM.DD - Original Release

Planned Future Versions

  • Allowing users to adjust the button functions to their liking
  • Anything suggested ;o


This script merely adds debug options to battles for testing purposes. There is a list of the things you can do with it in the header. The debugging only works in test mode, for obvious reasons.


  • Pressing specific buttons does specific things in battle, i.e. refilling actors' gauges (HP, MP and TP), clearing actors' statuses, putting all actors at near-death and instant-win (kill all enemies).


There is no graphical portion of this script.


Paste above main, below materials. There are no edits required for this script, plug-and-play. Read the header, of course.


Get it at Pastebin.


  • Pacman


  • Yanfly's Battle Engine gave me this idea.


Post here if you have a question or problem, or PM me if your enquiry is embarrassing.

Known Compatibility Issues

I have encountered none yet. I doubt there will be any, considering that I didn't overwrite any methods.



Author's Notes

I was gonna say something then I forgot what it was so now I'm saying this.

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for RMVXA Scripts Database sums it up pretty nicely.
it's like a metaphor or something i don't know