Linear Menu Status Window (Like Kingdom Hearts)

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Linear Menu Status Window - Version 1
By Ventwig

-Changes the menu status window to a linear form
-Draws name, level, hp, mp, and exp needed to the next level
-Ability to change the name of hp/mp/etc into full words for this menu only if desired
-Draws numbers instead of gauges
-Ability to draw sprites ontop of faces
-Coloured lines to make it easier to follow and more lively, and the ability to change the colour.


It got duller when i switched to JPEG, sorry about that

How to Use
Copy into materials, but above main.
Plug'N'Play, but you can customize it


Q: Uhhhhh.... ask quesitons?
A: Uhhhhh.....I'll give answers.

Credit and Thanks
-Me, Ventiwg
-Mephistok helped me draw the lines

Version 1 (Apr 15, 2012) - Release

Update Plans
-None - Any suggestions would be considered

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