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Since the topic is now solved, I am going to lock this. That and it's going out of topic. But I feel compelled to reply to this at least.

Their ( staff is really half-assed.  Half of them seem like kids on a power trip and the administrators just let it slide.  It doesn't surprise me that valuable things always go unnoticed.
I don't see the point of all that moderation though. What's the worst thing that someone is going to post in the tutorial or script section of the forum?

Some boards need posting moderation, those two certainly don't.

Tutorials and Scripts board DO need moderation. As someone who saw the queue for submissions, the Tutorials, some of them doesn't make sense at all or teaches the wrong stuff, instead of letting the public see that, we can always just delete them. For Scripts, it could be the format, suspicion that y person didn't get x person's permission to post x's script, claiming for x's work etc.

Remember! Scripts do have their own Terms of Use too.
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