Kread-EX's ammo script - modified by Trihan

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Can you make it so that you have something like flintlock pistol that holds 1 round before you have to reload and something like shotgun that can use two rounds before reloading, and so on?

In short, can you make "reloading" skill with this and if so, how?

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Trihan, I really like your script BUT have a lot of difficulties to get it to work. Instead of going back and forth with a tedious analysis that might or might not bring a solution, would it be possible - provided you got the time for it - to create a demo that demonstrates the script working? Let's say an example with two weapons; a handgun that uses 9mm bullets and a shotgun that uses shotgun shells.

Thanks for your time in advance!

Edit: Nevermind, I think I've figured it out!
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Hi there!

First of all I want to say that this is a very useful and great script and I want to thank the ones who made and edited it.
I managed to get it to work for the most part, however I am having one issue with it that I cannot resolve.

I cannot dedicate more than 1 ammunition type to a weapon.
The script orders me to write the following: <ammo_type_id: x, y, z> into the weapon's Note Box.
If I write let's say <ammo_type_id: 5> everything works just fine. Once I equip said weapon I can select the respective ammunition type in my ammunition slot.
However, if I type <ammo_type_id: 5, 6> in order to use two different ammunition types, NONE of the two show up in my ammunition slot, it just refuses to work at all. The same goes for all amounts of entries past 1. So <ammo_type_id: 5, 6, 7>
does not work either.
Since I am doing everything just like the script explained I cannot see why this is not working.

I am using RPG maker VX ace 1.02a, bought on steam in december 2013 (in case you need to know my version number)
I tested this in my original game AND a completely new game using only this script and no others. So isolation of this script does not affect the outcome.

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I wish this script would consider dual wielding weapons- This is perfect for my project, and I've spent weeks trying to work around that.

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Trihan appears to have been last active in June, it may take a while for them to notice your post to assist. (and obviously they may choose not to assist on an older script and also the fact that it's originally someone elses script with modifications so he might not be able to make the changes you want.)

That said had you tried tweaking it at all? I'm assuming you're looking to be able to equip a left gun and right gun individually? do they usually come in pairs? would it make more sense to have the twin guns be one item in the database? (with like a dual pistol icon or something?)
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