Error when using Common Event [2K3]

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So, I have a special ability that has a 50/50 chance of either affecting either your entire party or the enemy party, and then a 10% chance of it inflicting Exclusion (think FFV with Omega and Encircle. Removes party member from the battle until after battle, and flags that character as dead). The problem is, I tested this in battle. It works fine with enemies it seems...however, it seems to give me this error when it happens to playable characters:

"Access violation in module 'RPG_RT.exe' in with address 004BBD82 and offset 0000000C of type Read occured"

For those who are wondering, here's the coding I have for characters in the Common Event:

Code: [Select]
Branch if Reimu in the Party
  Variable Oper: [0187: Random] Set, Rnd [0-100]
  Branch if Var: [0187: Random] is 9 Less/Equal
    Variable Oper: [1243: Reimu Exclusion] Set, 1
    Change Party Members: Reimu Remove



For the Battle Event page, here's what I have there:

Trigger: Switch [1872: Silver Disc] ON

Code: [Select]
Variable Oper: [0187 Random] Set, Rnd [0-100]
Branch if Var [0187: Random] is 49 Less/Equal
  Call Common Event: Exclusion

Else Handler
  Variable Oper: [0615: Random 1] Set, Rnd [0-100]
  Branch if Var [0615: Random 1] is 9 Less/Equal
    Change Monster Condition: 1: Test 0 Death Inflict


Switch Operation: [1872: Silver Disc] OFF

I'm certain it has to do with party members, but this never happens if I have them removed via battle events (the battle event that the ability triggers calls this common event, so I don't know what's going on). Any ideas on how to solve this problem, or if it's even possible to do an ability such as this?
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