Couple gifts [2k3]

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So after looking through my external at my RPG Maker stuff, I found a couple things that others COULD potentially use, if they need them (dunno if this topic is worth it or not. I'll let you guys be the judge of this).



The CommandRTP I asked for a while back on here when Megaupload went down, but nobody knew what it was. This thing is what I was recommended by another forums (I forget who recommended it exactly now. I've had this for years) and it's what I gave to others when I started my game and let them test it/play it, as this made it so that they could play the game without needing the RTP stuff ('s been a long time since I actually dealt with this. If anyone wants to test this out that doesn't have 2k3, go for it).

The Harmony is just there for those that need it to run 2K3 stuff.

In addition, for spriters and such, perhaps these will be of use to you?

These were done for me a long time ago (but I never had anyone to fully apply these to all the sprites I would need, to either this character or ALL of the characters). These would be various emotions on a character sprite. Whether you find this helpful or not, I don't know, but thought I'd toss this out to you as well ^^;;

Hope these little things help ya'll out, if you even need them to begin with. Just a little gift (if they mean anything at all) to the community ^^;;
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