[2k3] Horror RPG Recruitment

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Horror RPG Recruitment

I'm currently working on a Dear Esther/Silent Hill-esque RPG in RPG Maker 2k3. While I can manage the writing and at least the current basic programming on my own, I can't draw worth my life and I don't have any real good skill in map making. So, here I am, here you are, and, perhaps, if you feel like it, you could assist me.

  • Mapper
  • Character Artist
  • Faceset Artist
  • Tileset Artist
  • Enemy Artist

All the jobs should be pretty self-explanatory. If you want to do more than one, or just want to contribute a little, that's fine. I'll keep working with what I've got (some stock tiles and chars and some stuff from the great big internet that I don't know who made) and perhaps will announce in New Projects once I actually have some substance to it. If you don't feel like helping someone who isn't established, I do understand.

PM me if you're interested.
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I could do the mapping for you.
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This is interesting... a while ago, back when 2k3 first came out, we were creating a Silent Hill game called "Welcome to Silent Hill." It was featured on Digital Necropolis at the time, but eventually died out with the rest of that site.

Having said that, for making a Silent Hill-esque game in 2k3, I cannot more highly recommend using tilesets from Suikoden II and modifying them as-needed. The textures are phenomenal. Any further tileset graphics that you might need could be worked on by a tileset artist, I'm sure.

Of course, none of us are any good at graphics editing and such ("us" meaning Fall From Eden; trying to disambiguate that), so it seems that we'd be unable to really help in the ways that it seems you would require. When it comes to storyline and such, however, we could provide plenty of assistance if you ever need it.

Good luck. :)