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Rules of the Script Request Board

I thought that maybe condensing all the rules and guidelines into one thread would increase general understanding and usage of them, because I know that you're all too busy to read 3 different threads. As such, here are the rules for this board. Please read this topic in it's entirety. It won't take all that long. The Request Template is at the end of this post. Use it.

What this board is for

The purpose of this board is for requesting scripts for any of the makers with scripting (RMXP, RMVX, or RMVXA) to be made by someone other than yourself. Also, if you are looking for major modifications to an existing script, then here would also be a good place to post that. Note, however, that it is common courtesy to first ask the author of the script, and if he says no, then ask him for permission to ask someone else. It is not absolutely necessary, but scripters will feel more comfortable modifying a script if they have the original author's permission.

What this board is not for

Do not ask here for help with or feedback on writing your own scripts, nor should you ask for help fixing compatibility errors. Questions of this sort should go into the general Scripts board. As well, do not post your own scripts in this board. You should post your own, completed scripts in the database of your respective maker. They are:

RMXP Scripts Database;
RMVX Scripts Database;
RMVXA Scripts Database.

Consider the following in the board

1. Use the script databases
There are tons of scripts on RMRK. Please look through the database for your maker. The databases are:

RMXP Scripts Database
RMVX Scripts Database
RMVXA Scripts Database

For both the RMVX Scripts Database and the RMVXA Scripts Database, there is also a helpful and comprehensive index which categorizes scripts by function, by author, and by title. They are stickied in their respective databases.

RMVX Script Index
RMVXA Script Index

2. Search
Please, before posting a request, take the time to search other sites. A few good examples of sites which have scripts are:

Check this topic for an extensive list of script sites for VXA



There are, of course, many more. If these all fail, resort to Google to find out for sure if you need a new script. Please make a reasonable effort to find your script before making a request.

3. Go in to detail
If you're asking for a system, post mock ups and whatnot, there are few scripters here, and you have a much better chance of getting your request fuffiled if you can post screenshots and go in to detail. Don't just say "I need a Lufia CMS", some people probably haven't played Lufia, so post screenshots and whatnot. While only a guideline, I recommend that you put it in the Script Request Template (below), as providing all the information listed there will increase the chances your request is picked up.
Check this topic for more information on coaxing a human in to accepting your request.

We're all human. Humans make mistakes. Often in typing. As such, I will understand and tolerate you if you have a couple typos in your post. I also understand that not everyone has English has a first language. That is okay, as long as you try your hardest to make what you say understandable. There is, however, a line that, when crossed, will make your post unreadable.
If you are not confident in English, use a translator. Seriously. And if you are confident in English, check your post anyway. It's important; people won't take requests they can't understand. And please don't use 1337. I know you're 5 and all, good for you, but it's just annoying. Not even difficult to read because I'm not as cool as you. Just annoying.

4. Make sure this has to be a script
If you can easily make an event for their system, then there is little reason for a script and many scripters will not bother writing an unnecessary script. There are a lot of things events can do, so fool around with those before you make a request.

5. Don't be a leech
Contribute as much as you can to RMRK, with whatever gifts you have. If people know who you are, you have a much better chance of getting your request finished. If you post a bunch of requests without posting anything in return, people are much less likely to take your requests. This is more of a suggestion than a rule.

6. Use tags
In the name of your script request, you must identify which maker you are using. This can be done with any of the following tags:


This is not difficult. Please do it, it saves confusion. It is also not a bad idea to use the following tags, though it is not required:

[RESOLVED] Your request was completed.
[RESERVED] A scripter has taken the request, but it has not been completed yet.
[AVAILABLE] or [REQUEST] No one has taken this request.
You have 24 hours to change the tag; starting once you have posted in the topic, and a change is necessary.

7. You may bump once every 48 hours
It is a matter of politeness not to do it more frequently. Also, be patient with a scripter once he or she has taken your request. Scripters, no matter how mechanical, distant or robotic they seem, are also people, with feelings. If you are impatient with or rude to the scripter who has kindly taken up your request, most likely for free, they might remind you that they have no obligation to any of this work, often by leaving your request.

8. Who to bother
If you have a question about or a problem with these boards, do not PM modern algebra. He is a busy person, and the fact that he has been updating the Script Indexes the way he has for the past 3 years is a testament to his awesomeness and dedication to this forum. He has authored the most amount of scripts on RMRK, and a lot of people have questions and problems with them, and PM him about them. As such, he doesn't do PMs.
As moderator of the Scripts boards, if you have a problem with any rules, people or anything else, I advise you PM me.

9. Do not harass other members
This shouldn't have to be said. Just don't. This forum has a very notable way of functioning: if you harass, insult, mock, or are mean to another member, you are subject to exactly that. If I see drama escalate, threads will be moved or split to The Sewers. If you don't like the way a member is behaving but don't want to fight back, that's alright. There are people to do that for you.
If you are being a tool, I may edit or delete your posts. I doubt I'll have to do that often, and I hope I won't have to.

Script Request Template

This script template, made by NAMKCOR, is designed to show requesters what sort of information is needed for scripters to adequately fulfill their request. Just copy the BB code below and replace anything in <>.

And yes, the last part has a good purpose. If a script has already been done, I'm sure most scripters wouldn't want to re-create it. So, this last bit helps scripters to tell what they should worry about scripting or not.

Code: [Select]
[center][size=15pt]<Name of Proposed Script>[/size]
[size=10pt]<Date Proposed>[/size][/center]


<<Replace this with a summary of your script>>

[size=13pt][u]Features Desired[/u][/size]
[li]Replace these with[/li]
[li]features you'd like to see[/li]
[li]create more as needed[/li]

<<If your script has a visual aspect, replace this with simple mockup pictures of what you'd like it to look like. If the script does not have a visual aspect or you do not deem it necessary, remove this section.>>

[size=13pt][u]Games its been in[/u][/size]
[li]List all games that have a feature[/li]
[li]like or exactly the same as this request[/li]
[li]create more list items as needed[/li]


[size=13pt][u]Did you search?[/u][/size]
<<Replace this with yes or no>>

[size=13pt][u]Where did you search?[/u][/size]
[li]Replace these with[/li]
[li]all the sites you've searched on[/li]
[li]create more as needed[/li]

[size=13pt][u]What did you search for?[/u][/size]
[li]Replace these with[/li]
[li]the search terms you used[/li]
[li]create more as needed[/li]

This is how it shows up:

Spoiler for:
<Name of Proposed Script>
<Date Proposed>

<<Replace this with a summary of your script>>

Features Desired
  • Replace these with
  • features you'd like to see
  • create more as needed

<<If your script has a visual aspect, replace this with simple mockup pictures of what you'd like it to look like. If the script does not have a visual aspect or you do not deem it necessary, remove this section.>>

Games its been in
  • List all games that have a feature
  • like or exactly the same as this request
  • create more list items as needed

Did you search?
<<Replace this with yes or no>>

Where did you search?
  • Replace these with
  • all the sites you've searched on
  • create more as needed

What did you search for?
  • Replace these with
  • the search terms you used
  • create more as needed

Now that this is all in one place, nobody has an excuse.
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