[VXA Request] Assign Multiple Skill-Types to a Skill

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[SOLVED - script here: http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,44897.0.html]

RMVX Ace only allows you to have one skill-type assigned to a skill.

I'm in dire need of a way (a script) that can have a skill belong to more than one skill type.

In particular, the skill menu categories, which are skill-types, are a neat way to categorise the skills visually. However, in battle, I do not want to have many categories to select from for the actor. All my party actors are free to learn many skills and so categorisation is of importance. I will be using one or two skill-types for the battle, and many skill-types for the skill menu.

Thanks, if anyone can help with this.

Edit: I'm thinking of something like using a notetag for a skill e.g. <skill-type 2, 5> (skill is assigned to skill-types 2 and 5, and possibly ignores or includes the skill-type selected in the drop-down list)
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