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<Phantasy Star III CMS>
<03 Jenuary 2012>

Hello! I've looked all over, but can't find anything like what I need for RMXP. =( Basically, this script should emulate Phantasy Star III's menu system. I don't think I should get into the submenus like the equip screen or the status, since that'd likely be way too much hassle for anyone willing to take on this request (unless I find someone awesome). :3

Hopefully I don't forget anything below. ^^; I can elaborate if necessary. :)

Features Desired
  • Five person party.
  • There's six windows taking up the screen; three on the bottom, three on the bottom. Command window is the middle-top box, and the other boxes are for each party member.
  • Starting from top-left going to bottom right, the boxes should be in this order: fifth member, command window, fourth member, third member, first member/leader, then lastly the second member.
  • Each character has their stats in their own selectable window, along with a portrait (Name, HP, MP, and current level are displayed below).

Screenshot included:
Spoiler for:

Games its been in
  • Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

Did you search?
Yes, extensively.

Where did you search?
  • All across the interwebs with Google.
  • Rmrk.net (here~)
  • RPG Revolution
  • Chaos Project
  • HBGames
  • Save-Point
  • Many others I can't recall. >.>

What did you search for?
  • RMXP Phantasy Star III CMS
  • RMXP Phantasy Star 3 CMS
  • RMXP PSIII menu
  • RMXP PS3 menu
  • ...and more variations of the above with words like "script" and "system" added to the end.
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