DnD 3e Ztenos Edition

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so uh have you tried nelderson's cheap dungeon and dragon junk? i said its a junk because of numerous bugs and errors it possesses and not to mention not being able to fix it so i took the correct action by making my own version....


Easier note tags and cleaner instructions...
Can be configured as you desire...


just take the demo for clearer view of what i can do ^^


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credit goes to me all...
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Wow, I don' think there was any need for "cheap and junk".
So, since MU is now offline, can you use another link for this 'fix'?

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I'd like to check this out but MU is gone, can you upload it elsewhere? Thanks.

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due to bugs i found on my own stuffs i decided to hold the uploading of the said script... but it isnt discontinued