[RM2K] Rock Paper Scissors with a twist

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I would like to make a Rock Paper Scissors minigame in RM2K, with a twist.

Now, Rock Paper Scissors itself isn't so hard. All it requires is a variable that picks a random number between 1-3, and compare that number to the number the player chose.

But there is something I'm having some difficulty with.

I want to make the minigame a bit more interesting, a lot like an old game that came out on the Genesis years ago. It's a bit complicated to explain, so let me show you this video:


Okay, now what happens in this video is, when the RPS minigame begins, both "slots" start to scroll rapidly. This goes on until the player presses a button, at which point both slots slowly stop on the icon that was in the middle at that point. This is random, the player does not get to choose between Rock, Paper, or Scissors, they can merely try to time it so their slot stops on one of these.

So, when both slots have stopped and show either Rock, Paper, or Scissors, what happens next? If the player wins the round, they can press a button to attack the enemy. The enemy now loses one life. If the enemy wins the round, they will attack the player and the player can press a button to defend themselves. If they make it in time, they won't lose a life, if they don't, they will. Note that the enemy can also choose to defend, if the player wins the round and he waits too long with attacking, the enemy will defend and also keep his lives.

And one more note on this. No matter who wins the round, the player can always either attack or defend. So let's say the enemy wins the round. At this point the player can still choose to attack. However if they do, they will lose a life of their own instead of the enemy. The enemy can also mess up like this. If the player wins the round and chooses to defend, obviously nothing happens.

All in all, this system entails more then what it looks like, which is why I need a push in the right direction. Please note that I want to recreate this entire system, including the slot-machine esque things that stop on a random icon.