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So you want to make your charcter, but you suck at drawing your own? (yea, i suck at drawing too...)

Well, look no further! I have found a great site for customizing your own characters!

This tutorial contains:
  • A link to the website where you can create your character
  • How to import your custom character into your game and play with it

All you need for this tutorial is a working internet connection ;) and photoshop (maybe there are some other image editting programs out there, but in this tutorial, i will be using Photoshop).

Step 1:

Go to this link:
I know, it's japanese, but if you have Google Chrome, it will ask you to translate it. I recommend doing that.

Step 2:
Create your character using the buttons! Once you have done this, head over to the next step.

Step 3:
Now make a printscreen ("save image as..." will NOT work!!) and open Photoshop. Paste your printscreen.

Step 4:

 Once you have pasted your printscreen, start to crop your image until you only have someting that looks like this:

Step 5:

Now, start to select and delete the dark green areas that are surrounding your character using the magic wand tool. Also, delete your background layer. Your image should look like this now:

Step 6:

Now, save your image as a .PNG . Be sure it is PNG, because that's realy important. Upon saving, Photoshop will ask what you want to do with the impty areas of your image (the grey and white blocks in the background). Choose none and press OK.

If you know how to import your image into RPG maker and use it on your desired actor, you can skip the remaining steps. If not, read further, because i took the time to explain that aswell.

Step 7:

Now we are going to import your custom character into RPG maker.

Go to your materials.

Now head over to the Graphics/Characters . Then press "import" on the top-right corner.
Browse to the location where you saved your character. Select your image and press OK.

Close your material base.

Step 8:

Now we are going to make your character. Click on the button that's left of the materials button. A new screen will pop up. Go to the first tab, "actors".

Now you can either make a completly new actor with a completly diffrent class, but you can also just adjust the already existing actors. I'm not going to explain how to create a new actor from scratch, i'm going to tell you how to change the sprite of an actor.

When you have the actor slot that you want to edit, click on the Character Graphic box. Another new screen will pop up. Now select the image of your custom character and press OK.

Well done, you now have your custom character! :D

Hope this will help.

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I don't use RMXP, but I think it's quite obvious that this will be useful. The sprites can be edited to work in VX, or one could use MA's extra movement frames script. Awesomeness!

Thanks for sharing, De Faalboot! :)
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