[VX] How to save your maps on trial version with Load Sample Map option!!!

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[size=78%]Maybe many people has figured it out already by trying to play with the app folder as we can with the RTP folder from VX, but anyway I'll post this.[/size]

As you know VxAce have 117 Sample Maps that you can load on your project and edit them as your like.
I found that option really usefull, but now I'm turning that into something else!, we can save our maps with that option and even have custom maps for quickloading instead of those Enterbrain samples.

First Step: Do your map, create events on it and do whatever you have to do on it

Second Step: Save your project, (yes I know this sound an absurd step because the trial will delete your folder when you close it and even if you copy your file and then replace them it won't recognize them unless you restart, and you can't on trial) this will create the map file in your game Data folder, the first map that you create will always be named Map008.rvdata2

Third Step: Go to C:\Program Files\Enterbrain\RPGVXAce-Trial\SampleMap (that's on XP, you will have to look in your corresponding folder according to your OS). There you will see all the 118 sample maps and 118 PNG screenshots of those saple maps.

Fourth Step: Choose one of those maps, in my case i'll choose Map117.rvdata2, erase it. The go to your game data folder and select  the Map008.rvdata2 and rename it to Map117.rvdata2 and move it to the SampleMap Folder.

Fitfh Step: Go to your Map Editor and click on "Load Sample Map", (you can find that option doing a right click over the map selector) select the last map which is Metastasis, and this will load the map that you just created before!.


Also you can change that PNG to one of your like to change it into something of easy find.

You can't add more than 117 maps, you will always have to replace one of those.

I don't know how to change the name of the maps on the "Load Sample Map" menu.

If you plan to start a project with this and doing the "copy and paste from Vx" method for load scripts you will have to list the order of maps that you create so your transfer events and door events doesn't screw up.

If you try to save tilesets.rvdata2 (which correspond to your tilesets configuration on database) to load it later with your game you will have to save your tilesets, and you will be able to edit it only one time.

Ah!, and remember that when you save your project to get the map .rvdata2 file it will rewrite entirely your game folder so "copypasted" files will have to be pasted in your project after doing your maps

Hope this be usefull and this is my second contribution to this forum :) . Excuse my grammar, English is not my mother language.
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