[SOLVED] [2K3] Animating the hero sprite while NOT walking

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Hello everyone. I've been trying my hand at this in RPG Maker 2k3, and it actually works *almost* as intended, save for a small lag that's killing it for me. Let me explain:

I want my hero to be carrying a torch in several maps. I created the charset for his walking stances holding the torch and it appears animated. However, when he's still, not moving, the fire won't be animated (I created a different charset for each one of the facing positions holding the torch with the fire animated), since RPG Maker 2k3 will freeze the hero sprite in the center frame so it looks he's just standing.

So, my workaround was to:

1. Create an invisible event in the map
2. Create a parallel process that tracks the hero's x and y coordinates, then moves the event described in point 1 to the coordinates.
3. That same parallel process then checks whether the hero is moving or not. If the hero is moving, the hero will take the "walking with a torch" charset sprite. If not, then it makes the hero sprite transparent, and changes the event's sprite  (described in point 1)  to standing still holding the torch, with fire animated. It properly accounts for facing direction and all that.

It works almost smoothly; however, when you keep walking in one direction and you release the arrow key, it "skips" to the resting position. Just slightly. But it looks choppy and I want to avoid that. Any ideas?

I can post a youtube video later if someone needs to see it actually happening.

Thanks for the help!

** EDIT **: I fixed it using Battle Animations. Looks awesome!
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