Storage Script [AVILIABLE]

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Storage Script

Prompt: Okay, not exactly how to describe this but I would like a "Storage" script for my game. I do not know if there is one, and I looked but could not find one. So here we go:

Detail: So in this script I sort of want it to be like a shop mode, but you can store items. You could also go back and take items from storage, and so on. If possible I would also like a limit on how much you can store, though this is not mandatory.

Example of Use: So let's say my character has a ton of items, and it's kind of feeling up my bag. Maybe I have tons of potions, and I don't need them in the mean time. So, I could drop by a storage house, I talk to the person and then the "Storage window" pops up. This would allow me to store, take, and exit. IT pops up sort of like shop mode would and such.

Thanks: It would really be nice of someone could come up with this. I would really appreciate it. If it's kind of confusing on how I would want it to look please comment and I could try to simplify it down. Thank you again! I would really like this script and I think it will be quite useful. Also if you find this script already made someone else It would be really nice to link me to it!
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