Sidhenidon's Crafting System

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Sidhenidon's Crafting System
by Sidhenidon


I had been playing Minecraft. I love how the crafting table works, being totally dynamic and based on the position of items on it, so I decided to replicate this functionality in RMVX, and it sorted out being better than I expected.


• Preview of what items are gonna be generated in the crafting. This option can be turned off easily.
• Inventory screen only appears when you have to choose an item.
• Upgraded animations.
• Fixed a bug when you made two combinations in the same grid, the items of both were consumed but only the lower-rightmost combination items were created.

• Infinite number of combinations, infinity number of results.
• Infinite grid size, even though I dont recommend any size above 6 for visual aesthetics
• Animation when an item is created.
• Simple code.


Start of an item creation.

Composition with a preview on the right hand size.

To call the crafting table scene, just add this to your events via 'Add Script':
Code: [Select]
$scene =
when x is the grid size.

For creating new item combinations:

(sorry for being in portuguese, I'll translate in case it isn't understandable

Again, I'm sorry that this is in Portuguese, I'll manage to translate it later, it's a promise.

Current Version:

Previous Version:


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Looks cool. Thanks for sharing!

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...In English?

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magnificent work boyo... it takes item crafting to the edge