I need to move a transfer event to the left,

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I need to move a transfer event to the left, so another event can walk on to that spot, and then once that event is done, I need the transfer to move back to the right to it's spot. Which is a bunch of down stairs. It's all part of a cutscene. There shouldn't be any problem right? Its simple, just use a move event and it'll move...


I can get right up to the point in the scene where the transfer event must move back on to the stairs, one tile to the left of it. And it for some reason just doesn't. I really think I've tried everything, but hopefully I havent because theres got to be some solution. I just dont know what it is.

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If your transfer event is set to a priority of 'Below Characters', you should be fine without moving it at all. How are you moving the event? With a move route or a 'set event location' command?
Try giving a graphic to the event and seeing where the problem is.
it's like a metaphor or something i don't know