[Request VX] - Play ME / SE on LV Up (Default Battle System)

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Hello world.

I was wondering if someone could write a script that could play either an ME or SE when the level up message is shown in the battle results window. It would also be neat (albeit this is totally optional in the script) if the script would cause a sound to play when a skill was learned (not separate sounds for separate skills though).

I know that the RPG Maker VX engine has a few drawbacks that disallow what would otherwise be fairly simple-sounding scripts, so if this isn't doable it's no biggie.

Thanks, and God bless. :3


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Well, I wrote this a while ago: http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,34653.0.html

It doesn't sound like it's exactly what you are looking for as it will make the sound immediately and only once, but IDK - maybe it helps?