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Level 86
Lightning charged swords are good for RPG's
Story :

Many years ago in the world Lola Prince Odayus ruled the continents along with demons called gargolyles. Odayus brought pain and suffering the world. So the Elemental Lord created seven Elemental Weapons. They were made from these types of elemental magic that were Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Light, Shadow, and Spirit. He then found seven warriors to give them to and called them the Elemental Knights. Together with the powers of the elementals they took out Prince Odayus and his army of gargoyles.

Over three thousand years have passed since then and the world is in danger once again, because Princess Edmirror now commands the gargoyles. Lakes dried up, oceans went haywire, and the weather has gone out of control because of them. When the Elemental Lord noticed this he knew it was time to choose seven new Elemental Knights and bring peace and balance back the world. Little does he know is every thing is about to change.

World Development:

This is the world our heroes live in. Lola is a world filled with many mysteries. It has magic, dragons, gnomes, elves, dwarves, fairies, monsters, and demons. It also once had very beautiful lakes and calm oceans. Many years ago before the Elemental Knights, Lola was condemned in darkness. A man named Cain use to call it his Dark Kingdom. However the creator whose name no one even knows came down and brought light to the world. He trapped Cane in the Underworld for all eternity because of his sins. He then created the Elemental who is the world’s guardian. He used to rule the world to keep its balance and then Prince Odayus took over. After the defeat of Prince Odayus he left the world in the hands of the creator and the people. It is currently being ruled by Princess Edmirror and the Yokai. Now it is overrun with demons, and monsters. Most people who live in the villages are far too scared to leave because of this.

Characters Main:

Age: 18
Height: 6’1
Weight: 165lbs.
Race: ?
Element: Shadow
Weapon: Shadow Scythe
Profile: Randolph is the Elemental Knight of Shadow. When he was five years old the people of Alka Village acused him of being a gargoyle. King Arkis then saved him and took care of him as if he were his own. When King Arkis found out that the Elemental Lord chose seven new Elemental Knights including him, he sent him to and Xian to find the other Elemental Knights. He would jump into danger with out even paying attention and get himself in trouble. He looks for adventure almost all the time. He is loyal to his friends and adopted family. However he seems to hiding something from everyone.

Age: 21
Weight: 155lbs
Height: 6’
Race: Human
Element: Earth
Weapon: Earth Sword
Profile: Xioa is King Arkis’s real son he and Randalf are best friends. He doesn’t seem to like helping his father around the Castle and thinks that he could be too demanding at times. He really hates being bothered and told what to do. Little does he know is that he does actually does a good job when told to do something. He looks to collect gems and picks them up all the time he could find one.

Age: ?
Height: 5’3
Weight: 125lbs.
Race: Elf
Element: Water
Weapon: Water Axe
Profile: Liabelle is the fairy princess of the Fairy Forest. Her parents passed away when she was only a little girl. She has been living in the castle in the forest for a very long time. She likes to go outside and sing. She takes good care of the forest and its fairies. The strange thing is no one actually knows how old she is or how long she has been around.

Age: 20
Height: 5’10
Weight: 145lbs
Race: Human
Element: Wind
Weapon: Wind Staff
Profile: Nixon is a young man who lives in Limule Village with his grandma. His element wind gives the ability to see things or dream them before they happen. He always knows when something bad is about to happen. However now he keeps his dreams and psychic visions to himself and has only told his grandma about them in fear of not being accepted.

Age: 26
Height: 6’4
Weight: 168lbs
Race: Human
Element: Fire
Weapon: Fire Bow
Profile: Drake is a man who moved from Namanda to the City of the Devine. He has a very hot temper and accidently catches stuff on fire when he get’s mad. Even though he has trouble controlling the element fire he is very soft hearted and kind. A few years ago his older sister fell ill and he has taken care of here since. He hopes to find a cure for her illness while traveling with the main characters.(He's not in the current demo)

Age: 22
Height: 6’
Weight: 155lbs
Race: Human
Element: Light Mace
Weapon: Light
Profile: Max is from a very rich family in the City of the Devine. However unlike most of his family he is not stuck up or obsessed with money and nice stuff. He is actually glad to be leaving the city and help save the world. He sees this as a chance to make a living instead of staying home around nothing but expensive junk.(He is not in the current demo)

Age: 24
Height: 5’5
Weight: 130lbs
Element: Spirit
Weapons: Spirit Lance
Profile: Alena lives in Crepta where many followers of Cain live. She is not one of them though. However her spirit magic is very effective.(She is not in the current demo.)

Spoiler for:

KGC ScreenCapture
KGCFile Encryption
KGC Large Party
Caterpillar by Wortana
Neo Message System by Wortana
Neo Save System by Wortana
Menu ReDux by Yanfly
BigEd781's Level up Display
Breath of Fire Cross Command Window by Jens009
Easy Battle HUD v1.3 by Dark Gaia(Edited by me to show five characvters)
Kylock's Light Effects VX(Might not use because if the sun effect graphic I am using.
Display Background Based on Area by Diakonos
Tankentai Battle System
Mack's Charactersets
Mack's Tiles
Faces are from here:
Title Screen was made by Stupidstormy36 at Creation Asylum.
My friend AsceticMonk31

Note: The original music in this game is NOT to be used by anyone except
AsceticMonk31 and me.

RTP Version for those who do not have RMVX:

No RTP Version for those who have it:

NOTE: Not all of the NPC in the demo respond when you talk to them because I am still thinking of what to make them say.

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Level 75
Praise the Sun (Arcana)
GIAW 14: 1st Place (Hard Mode)
Wow, another game already. Playing right now so here's some feedback:

> The message system (with the big character images) is always a plus in my book. And the caterpillar looks good as well. I noticed a piece of a piano sitting to the right of the bed you begin nearby, it's a small graphical error, but It should definitely be fixed right away. When you get the quest to find the other Elemental Knights, you are given weapons that you already begin the game with, that's an easy fix. Also, I think the characters should have a bit more emotion when they're told they were Elemental Knights and had such a tough task on their hands, fighting evil Lords shouldn't happen on a daily basis, or at least I believe it shouldn't ::).  I like the lighting once you leave the castle by the way. Everyone is mean to me  :'( but do they not know I'm the king's son? I'm really digging the battle system, and how you have to select your actions, it's pretty original (well at least I've never seen it before). Your forest map has a lot of room for exploration, but with this I would have expected at least a single treasure chest, there are many corners that lead into dead ends that would be perfect to throw the player a prize for their exploring natures. Enemies drop a lot of EXP as well, or you just level up too quickly, level 4 after 3 fights. Well actually I did find one treasure chest, it had some money, but I'm just saying there are way too many open areas for them not to have some type of goodies. In the menu, the icons for Status and Party are the same, they shouldn't be. I'm honestly really liking the pacing of the game, although a bit more talking is very much needed, for instance when the Elemental Knight of Water just says If you're positive then I have to believe you, that's just kinda weird, she just went along with them from almost no assurance besides from him them saying she was the Knight. Your mapping would be a lot more appealing with a bit more details in the right places, your smaller sections in the forest for instance look great, but the larger area is pretty blank and boring. That being said, it would be a good idea to make the castle a bit more instanced rather than one big map because as it is now, with so much empty spaces because of the size of the map, it looks rather plain in my opinion.

The area outside the forest after getting the Water Knight, is VERY bright, dim it down a bit. The scene with the Wind Knight was quite bad, again he just joins you even though he knew absolutely nothing about you all. And you don't have to make the game "Wait" after every sentence, just when a pause is necessary. I like the weapon upgrades, although acquiring them are incredibly easy and put you on top pretty early since the Magic Potions that really serve little purpose since the skills are quite weak (besides Heal) sell for 150G, so just sell 4 and you got Rank 3 weapons right away. Recover is very overpowered. The quest where you get wood for that man is pretty bland, you just talk to him, he says get wood, you get it and you're done, maybe give at least a reason as to why he needs the wood to make the quest a bit more interesting. But sidequests are always nice to have in a game. I finished the demo.

Yeah, I typed a lot, but I think that's a good thing, that way you can slow down a bit, as you seemed to have finished your other game pretty quickly. Try to make sure what you've already finished is good to go before you move on with the rest of the game. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one and will be sure to continue playing your demos as they are released, good luck!

Level 86
Lightning charged swords are good for RPG's
Thank you! I actually made you level quickly on purpose though because the game is supposed to be hard I just forgot to mention that it was a rather hard game.  So yeah you need to grind to get any further.  I actually wrote this one out as a story first so that is why I got it done quickly, but I see your point. Also Randolph is not the king's real son that was mentioned in the game and in his profile.
I cannot really tell you what he is since anyone can see this.  So I'll tell you in a spoiler what Randolph is.

This IS a spoiler so no one look at it if you want to wait and find out:
Spoiler for:
Randolph is a demon called an Incubus, that drains the life from living things, that is why the people in his village are mean to him because they think that King Arkis should not have adopted him and left him in the prison the put him in.[\spoiler]

Level 75
Praise the Sun (Arcana)
GIAW 14: 1st Place (Hard Mode)
I don't want to look. But I knew he wasn't his real son, I didn't think that anyone else did.