Everend: The Crimson Son

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So I've started my the next game in my series Everend, Its called Crimson son, mostly the story of David when he was child, Before he became the Ruler of Everend, and how Richter and Slade found out they were brothers

- An ABS battle System
- A Skilltree for the main character (credit to Deity)
- The ability to join and fight against 3 Clans
- Relationships with Several women witch can lead to son to carry your name
- The caterpillar system allowing four party members on the map
- Several unique maps that are significant to the original Everend: A Vampires Memories

-Will be available soon

    -The Hero and King of Everend: A Vampires Memories, is now a young warrior traveling through Everend searching for his past

Class: Paladin

    -The main Character of Everend: A Vampires Memories, once rescued and freed by the hero David, and aids and fights at his side throughout the story, before returning to Ostomere, the vampire kingdom where Everend: A Vampires Memories begins

Class: Vampire


    - The long lost half human brother of Richter, had been living in Florem all his life fighting in underground Clans, Slade is hardly ever in the sequel to this game, biut plays a main role in The Crimson Son, I'm thinking about making The next Everend the story of Slades life after He meets David, Post and tell me what you think.


The Clans:

- There are three major underground clans fighting for power amongst Everend, a new feature added from A Vampires Memories is you may join one and reap the benefets of your own clan, keep track of rank, reputation, and unlock Secrets with you Clan, The hard part is finding there Clan Halls

The Salvador Clan:
- The most powerful Clan in Everend headed By Solidious Salvador

The Falcone Clan:
-The Falcone's are one step behind the Salvadors with there lust for power and the wealth to get it

The Theives guild:
-Across Everend you will run into Bands of theives and Bandits, these are members of the theives guild, the poorest and weakest Clan of them all, but tends to be trouble for the other Clans because of there great numbers

-I wanna give mad props to Modern Algebra and Deity (if he can read this lol) you guys pretty much made all the scripts in my games, thanks for helping the rpg maker community

-Now uses a unique lock picking system witch can be used on certain Doors ( I did not use Deity's lock picking script)
-Features music by Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse
-New Clans and Guilds include the Kings personal Guard (requires approval from the king)
-Now includes a points distribution System (credit to Lettuce, thank you very much)

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Can you link the first game? Because you'd have to have played it to understand what this game was about based on the information on this post.

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If I find it in my computer I will upload it but its lost in here, very much lost  :tpg: but the storyline that my cousin who works with me on this was about two boys, Richter and Slade, they were inseparable, but a war tore them apart as the city was evacuated, Richter was a full Vampire, and Slade was  a half but never new it, we actually wrote a book about the whole story of how they were went seperate ways, David is a character we made who was the ruler of Everend in A Vampires Memories, but there was story behind how he came to power so we told the story of how David came to power and Richter and Slade don't remember eatchother yet
-If we are born to Die but we all Die to live, then whats the point of livin life if it just contradicts

Current Game - Old Town Mafia
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