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I'm looking for a "battle combo" script where there is a 32% chance that I attack an additional time. If I do, then there is a 50% chance that i'll attack an additional time. This process repeats until I don't attack an additional time again. I am also looking for various ways to increase the 'initial' chance of a combo.. like states that do.. and equipment etc and to determine by what % it is increased by within the notes part of the script.

I am using battle engine melody so it would have to be compatible with that.

Thanks for the help!

To clarify - If I attack, there is a 32% chance of an additional attack. If I make that, then there is a 50% chance.... if I make that... another 50% chance... if I make that... another 50% chance etc etc until I don't make the chance then it breaks the combo. This combo only works with normal melee attacks and 'not' skills or spells. (Edit: Would it be possible if I can set the 'initial' combo percent per actor as well?)

Thanks for the help whoever can accomplish this script!

Edit: Also - if the character makes it to a 'x' hit combo (after 'x' hits total), I would like the next hit to directly link to a finisher skill. The x is a custom number I can set per actor. Again. Thanks for the help.
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