[Request] Variable modification based on equipment.

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Level 84
Variable modification based on equipment.

Basically this script would modify variables and store starting values of variables.

Features Desired
  • Storage of variables base starting values.
  • - IE: Variable 30 has a base value of 20 while Variable 31 has a base value of 21.
  • Ability to change the base values of variables or add new base values through script call.
  • Equipment that adds, subtracts, devides, multiplies the variables.
  • - Ability for equipment to change variables based on ID of equiped actor (and only when that actor is equiped) while using a base variable.
  • - IE: Actor1 changes variable 101 when equiped but does not change variable 102 even if there is a change for variable 102 in equipments notes since actor 2 is not changeing it.

There would be no visual effect so guess this would be useless?

Games its been in
  • Unknown

Did you search?

Where did you search?
  • rpgmakervx.net, rmcollective, rmrk, rpgrevolution, and the almighty google.

What did you search for?
  • Changing (setting) variables with equipment.
  • I searched a couple different ways using the same terms but found nothing.

What other scripts are you using?
  • YEM
  • or
  • Tankentai

Level 82
I have an issue understanding exactly what this is for. As it is, you could probably do this using the Control Variables and Conditional Branch commands to modify all of the variables based on what actors have what items equipped.

If you're looking for a script to make your life easier, it's probably not going to end well, seeing as it isn't something that is incredibly difficult to do with (common) events. It may be time consuming to do it with events, but it's no different when someone has to design, write and test the script they write. Don't mean to come across as being rude, but there's quite a few requests that are made for scripts that can be done fairly easily with events. Have to remember, whoever takes up the request isn't getting paid for it.
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