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Hi there, yet again. I'm not sure even if my title is right about what I'm trying to find. I have a character who primarily uses a bow for a weapon. I wanted to give this character some melee skills along with the usual bow skills. Basically I'm trying to make this character a Rogue type character that is versatile. I was wondering if there is a script that I could use to switch between a bow and a dagger or something for skills used in battle. Like one skill would be Flame Arrow for example, than another would be a melee skill, like Backstab. It's pretty weird having a backstab where the character whips out a bow.
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0.o Tankentai script from rpgmakervx right?
If you rip a dagger image out of the icons (generic dagger) and save it as a png file you can use the following note tag.
<graphic: filename>
The image would go in the system folder.

This would only allow for one "weapon image".
I had asked Mr Bubble if there was a way to use an icon from the icon list but that was never answered so this is the best that can be done unless you unequip/reequip each and every time.

Perhaps that could be done with common events [change equipment] and force action [attack with skill] and then reequip back to the last piece of equipment however.