[RMXP] Changing Text On Title and Menu Screen!

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Scripts For Your RMXP Game!

Changing The Title And Menu Screen Text
1) Go To Your Script Database:

2) Find Scene_Title And Go To Line 37:

3) Change "New Game", "Continue", And "Shutdown", To Your Liking:

4) Click "Apply" And Try It Out!

Now, We Are Going To Change The Menu Screen Text:
1) Go To The Script Database:

2) Go To Scene_Menu, And On Line 20 Onwards, You Will See This:

3) Change s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, and s6 To Your Liking:

4) All Done! But When You Press Exit, Or Shutdown On The Menu Screen, It Says To Title, Shutdown, And Cancel! To Change That Read ON...

1) Goto The Script Database (Again):

2) Goto Scene_End And On Line 13, You Will See s1, s2, And s3, Change The Purple Text To Your Liking:

Now Thats Done! Click Here To Download A Demo! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E6FXIPP0

- RPGXPert  ;)

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Relatively simple stuff, but useful for people not familiar with scripting.

Good job there. :3

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How do you do this in vx version can anyone explain and how do i add custom music to the menu screen at the start?

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You can change the terms used in the helpfully labelled Terms tab of the database, and you can change the title screen music in the System tab. Pictures are attached. The red is the tab you go to and the yellow are where you change the particular things you requested.

Also, a number of other phrases that are used in the game, such as in the shop ("Buy", "Sell", etc.) or the save screen ("Save to which file?", etc.) or the battle scene ("You gained X Gold!", etc.) are all located in the Vocab module, which is in the script editor and is the third slot from the top.

If you ever need to know what something does in RMVX, just right-click it and press the "What's this?" selection from the Dialog box that pops up. It is very helpful.

Also, you should explore the program for a little bit on your own - I am sure you will find out a lot of neat things; I know you could have found this out.