Is Question based battle possible? RMXP

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Would it be possible to make a battle system which involves the player answering questions instead of fighting? For example , if they answer a question wrong it would result in damage to their character while giving the right answer give damage to the target?

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If you set up all of your enemies as events, its possible.

Set up the question and answers. Underneath the correct answer, put a "deal damage" command (3rd page, 8th from the top on the right column) and check the enemy you want to be damaged and how much damage you want to be dealt.

For the wrong answer, do the same thing, except choose the actor instead of the enemy.

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Also, if you want to get complex, throw in a few variables to mix around the possible outcomes for damage dealt or taken.

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Very possible. you can even do it via events. Just bind the character stats to variables and when they get the wrong answer just use control variables and subtract the hp of the character based on there. <roughly speaking