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Sprite Sheet Animator

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Sprite Sheet Animator


Have a sprite that you want to show off? Well its easy to do that but if its an animated sprite and you want to show off the animation well then that requires some image cropping, a program that turns images into a gif and blah blah blah. Well this handy dandy program takes a sprite sheet and turns each column into an animated sprite.

  • Any amount of columns
  • Any amount of rows
  • Easy editable visible frames for each column
  • Individual or Merged Export Options
  • Progress Bar for Gif Generation (Useful for large images)
  • Easy-To-Navigate Interphase
  • Save and load Image Data for later use


Images of GUI
Spoiler for:

Example Products of Program
Spoiler for Turns This:
Spoiler for Into This:



Download (Mediafire)


There are some instructions in the download's README file.


  • Ronnie mooney (game_guy) ~ Creator of the program.
  • Dweller ~ Requesting some features in reference to my old sprite animator.
  • Special thanks to creators of NGif.
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