Blue's Banking System [RMXP]

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Blue's Bank system revised
Version: 2
Author: Blue
Date: 25 December, 2010

Planned Future Versions
  • Some stuff is in mind. And bug fixes. Look out for them.


This is a bank system based around a common event.

  • Manage bank PIN
  • Check bank balance
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Account types
  • Interest (by steps)
  • Account management (upgrading, checking your total deposit/withdraw)
  • ATM (with a "card")

The bank system contains 3 common events, 10 variables [1-10], 3 switches [1-3],  1 item and one little script (it's about 5 lines so it's still an event system right?). Copy each one over to your project. You should probably clear out all your project's current variables and switches to make room for these to save you from suffering.


Feel free to PM me for help or support (or suggestions) or post them here.

You must credit me if you use and/or edit. Can't post elsewhere without permission. Extra credit goes to;
mr wiggles; for helping me with the interest.
Cardboard Square; for giving me some ideas.
Gameface101; for some help with the code part.

ENJOY! The title is a link to download. A manual is contained inside the .rar file to look at.
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Screw up. Wrong link. Fixed.

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any way that you can make a modded version of this banking system for me using only these following features

    * Check bank balance
    * Deposit
    * Withdraw
    * Interest (by steps)

if this is a possibility thank you

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:p it's been a while. If you still want that request done, just PM me and I'll make it.